The brief for this project was to take an unorthodox theme and inject it into an ad campaign for a particular fashion brand. I decided to create a campaign that would explore the issue of ageism and lack of accurate representation within the male underwear industry. The campaign would be well-suited to Calvin Klein, who has a historic relationship with using models with unrealistic body shapes across all aspects of their brand.

The imagery for this campaign featured a 49-year-old male model, who was photographed by myself, with minimal adjustments being made to the images using Adobe Lightroom. The main adjustments given were to highlights and saturation to make the tattoos and Calvin Klein logo more prominent. The campaign tag “Real People. Real Calvins” was then added to the imagery and further developed to create both a still image and gif, perfect for every aspect of social media and the Calvin Klein website.

The real advantage to this campaign is the scalability potential, with the seamless branding and topical narrative allowing the idea to be both believable and successful. Exhibiting a genuine understanding of the Calvin Klein brand.