During a previous interview, I was presented with the task of choosing a brand that was stocked in-store and incorporating its presence across the business's marketing plan.

I chose Paul Smith a quintessentially British fashion brand, that is synonymous with the multi-coloured striped monogram and can be easily identified by consumers.

Over a three day period, I sourced three separate products that represented; Menswear, Womenswear and Beauty (The three most profitable sectors within the business) - this was a key standout point during the interview process as they had originally only asked for one product and I was praised for covering three of these in detail without diluting the necessary details.

I continued by photographing each of these products myself, followed by editing and creating highly accurate and specific mock-ups to provide the interviewer with a clear picture of what. I could bring to the company, The main deliverables included social media mock-ups, updated website banners across their site and an interactive email campaign that would be sent directly to their customer base.