The ‘BLOK SNEAKERS’ was the focus of my dissertation project, acting as an answer as to how blockchain technology could help tackle the growing counterfeit industry, particularly counterfeit luxury footwear. In my thesis, I explain how each pair of luxury footwear would be assigned a unique code during the manufacturing process that would then be updated accordingly throughout the product's lifecycle.

A user of the BLOK SNEAKERS app would subsequently be able to access unique product-specific information on footwear they own or footwear they are looking to purchase via a resale platform. Thus, allowing the sneakers to be deemed genuine or fake due to the availability of information dating back to manufacture.

This would not only help tackle the counterfeit problem within the luxury fashion sector but could also help increase luxury brand’s overall transparency to their consumers, which has come under heavy fire over recent years. Blockchain would also allow consumers to access information and connect with a brand further over their favorite footwear.

For the second part of my dissertation, I created a fully interactive mockup of how the BLOK SNEAKERS app would function, containing accurate product info, examples of profile customization, and how articles would be embedded within the app. Each clickable element was programmed to react and transition in a specific way, resulting in 180+ hours of programming during the creation process.

Alongside the thesis and the application I also collated a full Design Process Journal,  detailing the significant and essential steps taken to reach the end result.