Continuing my freelance experience I was approached by a client from Chase Farm Shop & Café in Sutton Coldfield after they had discovered my previous freelance work for The Miners Arms Carsington. The client instructed that they were looking for a complete redesign of the current website, ideally using less complicated software which they could update when necessary with relevant information. The new website would also incorporate my skill with photography and design aesthetic to create a dynamic and modern site that is easy to navigate through due to the varied ages of the consumer.

Before updating, the previous website contained over 80 pages of heavy and unrelated material that had not been updated with major information in over 5 years. I proceeded to work alongside the client, establishing what material was essential, what material needed updating and what material was now outdated and did not need transferring onto the new site. It became clear that the website needed four clear sections; The Farm Shop, The Café, The Barn Room and The Butchers. Each of these sections would contain the correct but condensed information and individual imagery. I spent a day at Chase Farm shooting content for the website, communicating with managers across these 4 key sectors about what they feel should be included/highlighted within the website and its imagery. This allowed me to develop a better understanding of how the business operated and also provided me with access to specialist knowledge that would have only been known by the staff who work there daily.

The final website design embodied a fresh take on the classic elements of Chase Farm, highlighting the four key sections in which the business operates, adding fresh photography and condensed yet informative writing style that myself and the client were both pleased with.

A year after completion, site traffic saw a major increase by 1966% to 35,961 visitors to the site, 23,691 of which were new visitors. An impressive increase regardless of the effects of the pandemic.