The brand ‘Rural’ was a creative response to the scarcity of opportunities for creative minds within rural areas; creating a substantial divide to more urbanized areas in which jobs within the creative sector are more readily available. This piece of work was the final and largest unit of the Fashion Promotion program.

Rural itself is a multi-channel platform spanning both digital and print, that aims to provide a platform in which rural creatives can receive the recognition that they deserve. Each issue of ‘Rural Zine’ adopts an anthology-style approach with each issue featuring a particularly rural location – with issue one focussing on ‘DE6’. The zine would then provide rural creatives with the opportunity for their work to be published allowing them to work alongside creative professionals permitting them to gain experience and recognition which can then be applied to their work.

Rural allowed me to seriously concentrate on creating a consistent brand across multiple platforms, which is something I had never particularly experienced before. During past freelance work, the entire creative process was shared with clients, thus I found the ability to undertake full creative control allowing me to experiment and trial elements that wouldn’t necessarily be standard within a client/creator environment; an element that I believe has bettered my creative confidence and can be applied to future employment opportunities.